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Wilson X2 ergo X2 ergo
A customizable handle shape creates optimal personalized feel for the “modern” two-handed backhand. Patent pending.

Wilson Parallel Drilling Parallel Drilling 
Consists of a different type of string pattern that results, even visibly, parallel. This technology assures greater stability, a better hold with less movement of the main and cross strings that increases durability.

Wilson Spin Effect Tech Spin Effect Tech
The system that allows the player to reach more than 200 RPM(rotations per minute) on every stroke without modifying their swing. Used on frames with an open 16x15 string pattern this technology allows the main strings to deviate the ball more for maximum snapback.
Increased rotation, velocity and spin.

Wilson Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber
Developed for aggressive swings, this premium modulus carbon graphite provides, increased frame stiffness for explosive power.



Head Size: 100
Weight: 280
Beam Width: 23-25-23
Balance: 325
Length: 27
String Pattern: 18x16
String Tension (range min - max): 23-27 kg
Bag: Not Included
Strung: No